Microsoft Drops A 12 Minute All-In-One Demo For The Xbox One

With the Xbox One only being two weeks away from launch Microsoft has given us an all inclusive demo of what the Xbox One can do. Here's some of the more noticeable features Yusuf Mehdi and Marc Whitten showed off.  

  • If the console isn't signed in if the Kinect is uncovered as soon as it sees you, you'll sign in.
  • If multiple people are in the room, the first person who it recognizes has their personal dashboard up on Xbox one.
  • To switch to another dashboard, the other user just has to say "Xbox show my stuff" and it will go to their personal dashboard.
  • When you get a party invite or a Skype call you can hold down the Xbox button on the controller for details (this feature will probably be used for more alerts on the Xbox One like achievements also)
  • When editing clips for the "Game DVR" in the "Upload Studio" app you can do a picture in picture video recording of yourself with the game giving you the ability to live narrate what's happening.
  • You can also add "skins" to the video which are basically different filters to make your video unique.
  • Once you upload the video after 50% of the video is rendered it will playback showing what you just created.
  • All your friends and followers will see your videos in the "Activity Feed"
  • When watching television the "One Guide" can be searched with voice, finally eliminating any need to find your remote to change the channel.
  • You will have a favorites  section in the One Guide that can be TV channels or actual apps on the Xbox One, for example you can have ESPN, ABC, Vudu, FXX, Hulu Plus, and Comedy Central all together in the channel favorites.
  • If another person who is signed in says "Xbox show guide" it'll switch over to their personal guide.

Check out everything the Xbox One has to offer in the full video here



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