Windows Phone Personal Assistant "Cortana" Caught On Video

Youtuber "Yash Maheshwari" uploaded a video of the new personal assistant for Windows Phone coming with the 8.1 update named "Cortana". In the video we can see that Cortana will be able to pick up on more conversational commands, unlike Siri or Google Now. For example, on Siri, to set an alarm for 7am, you must say "set an alarm for 7am". With Cortana, you can say "wake me up at 7am". We can't tell if Cortana will have an always-listening mode like Google Now, or be able speak back to you, let alone have Cortana's voice from the game series "Halo" as early reports suggested. If there are any new major updates we will keep you posted, either here or on the podcast.

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