Watch_Dogs Info Dump

After months of speculation and delay. Watch_Dogs finally has a release date for Xbox, Playstation, and PC..May 27th. Past generations and current generation consoles will be able to dive into the future version of Chicago then and get justice, or bring mayhem. People worried about the game not being as good mechanically on past gen(Xbox 360, PS3) as it would be on Xbox One, PS4, or PC, don't fret. Senior producer for Watch_Dogs Dominic Guay has said the game is being made by the same company for every version, so the story, missions, gameplay, ect are all the same. What is going to change when going to current gen (besides graphics) is how detailed the city of Chicago is. You will see more people walking around and cars on the streets, heavier detailed animation and a bigger range of reactions to the things you do in the world. Guay went on to say that the game was initially made on PC, because they figured sooner or later other consoles would be announced. So with Watch_Dogs it's all about scale, on PC you'll be able to get a 4K resolution and 60FPS, while PS4 is hitting 1080P and Xbox One is 960P both consoles are locked at 30FPS, but no matter where you play the game itself will remain the same. Ars Technica reported that Ubisoft tweeted that a worldwide beta will happen for the game, but the tweet has since be deleted. Hopefully an official announcement will come soon. I have high hopes for this game, should be a great addition to a new console!


   Ubisoft hasn't spoke on if the trailer was using 360/PS3 gameplay or if the game has been toned down a lot since E3. But if the gif below is the current gen/PC version Ubisoft might have some explaining to do.


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