New Weapons Trailer For "Middle Earth: Shadow of Modor" Released With Preorder Bonuses Revealed.

A new trailer for "Middle-Earth Shadow of Modor" released showing you how to upgrade your weapons and use runes. I saw sold after an Orc got decapitated, this game looks amazing.

Preorder bonuses were also detailed, if you reserve the game before its 10/7/2014 release date.

  1. The Deadly Archer rune that will deal extra damage to headshots against Sauron’s Captains if you grab your copy at Amazon.
  2. The Flame of Arnor rune that will ignite Talion’s sword after a high combo count if you order from Best Buy.
  3. The “Captain of the Watch” character skin and "The Hidden Blade" rune that will cause extra damage during stealth attacks to Captains if you order from Gamestop.
  4. The Orc Slayer rune that will increase damage from special attacks against Captains if you chose to order from Steam.

You will also receive the Dark Ranger character skin and the Test of Power challenge mode.


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