Desert Diaries Volume 6

Desert Diaries Volume 6

Happy New Year EVERYBODY!!!! Well it was a good run out here. I learned a lot about myself, met some pretty cool people, had some both great and awkward experiences on a personal level, and gained a new outlook on what I want to do with my life. I admit that last part sounded kinda cliché and ridiculous, but I got a general idea of what I want to get accomplished (or at least how to get the ball rolling). All-in-all I am hopeful that I will get some shit done.

    Guess who I met...Vince McMahon! Be jealous. It’s okay. Vince and I are best friends now. We play badminton on Sundays. Some WWE Superstars came through for Support The Troops. It was pretty cool to get to meet some Superstars that I used to watch on TV as kid and the new divas that are on Raw.  While we’re on the subject of divas Alicia Fox is too damn fine…like for-no-reason fine.

    Anyway, as my time comes to an end, all I can do is reflect on the time here and the people I’ve met. I met a lot of interesting people. Some I’ll keep in contact with and others I can do without ever speaking to again. Regardless, what a ride.  I couldn’t really harp on every little detail of this deployment but this is one of those assignments that was quite the experience on a personal level.  

    At this point there’s not much to tell as all I’m doing is out-processing and packing up.

So here we are 12 paychecks later…


2015 Awesome Con Washington, D.C.

Desert Diaries Volume 5

Desert Diaries Volume 5