How To Get The Most Out of Fallout Shelter!

How To Get The Most Out of Fallout Shelter!

So you wanna be a good overseer, huh? Well, here are some tips I’ve learned along the way to make your vault run like a well-oiled machine.



Keep Things Balanced

  • Keep an eye on how you expand because there are some caveats to expanding too quickly. The more food and water production plants you make, the more power you use. The more workers you get, the faster your food and water goes down.

  • We all love to get our ladies pregnant. More workers for us right? But, you must be careful. If you have a baby boom, you have to make sure you can afford it. Children will use food and water but cannot pitch in to make more. If your food and water production can’t keep up, you’ll be bleeding resources, and your vault morale will plummet.


Arm Yourself

Guns are a very important part of keeping the Vault safe. I expanded my vault too quickly in the beginning, and didn’t have enough guns. If you don’t have a lot of guns, that’s okay. Not every dweller needs a gun in the beginning, but these are the ones who do:



  • Your whole top row dwellers. Arm them as soon as you can. Once you start getting raided regularly, you will understand. The raiders will burst through your front door, and make their way through your vault. You want to stop them as soon as possible. The longer they are alive running through your vault, the more of your resources they are stealing and it will be up to you to make that up once they are dead. The best way to fight this is to have two armed guards in your vault room along with the rest of the top row rooms.
  • At least one person in the smaller rooms and at least two people in the larger rooms in the levels below. Radroaches are probably the second worst thing that can happen to your vault, right after radiation. Not even raiders can affect your vault the way they can. You do NOT want an infestation. They can and will spread, and QUICKLY. You want to eradicate them as soon as they pop up, and the easiest way is to shoot them. Your unarmed dwellers will punch and kick them but it’ll take a while and they will lose significant health doing so.

  • Wasteland explorers. If you want your explorers to be able to handle longer trips (the longer they stay out the more gear you have a chance of acquiring), they need strong weapons. Send the dwellers with the highest Endurance and Luck rankings to get the most from your longer excursions.

Don’t forget to take your guns from your women once you get them pregnant. Pregnant women as well as children, will run from danger, so that is one less person you have to fight off raiders and radroaches.


Get Acquainted With Your Dwellers And Their Stats

Make sure you are getting the most out of your dwellers. Put them to work where they will be most useful.


Dwellers with high Strength do well in the power generator and nuclear reactor rooms producing electricity for the vault. Strength can also be trained in the weight room.


Dwellers with high Perception do well in the water treatment and water purification rooms. Perception can be trained in the armory.


Dwellers with high Endurance do well as explorers or in the Nuka-Cola bottling plant. Endurance can be trained in the fitness room.


Dwellers with high Charisma do well in the radio stations, enticing new dwellers to come to the vault, and keeping your current dwellers happy. Charisma can be trained in the lounge.


Dwellers with high Intelligence do well in the MedBay producing Stimpaks and in the Science Lab producing Radaways. Intelligence can be trained in the classroom.


Dwellers with high Agility do well in the diners and gardens producing food for the vault. Agility can be trained in the athletics room.


Dwellers with high luck do better everywhere. The luckier your dwellers are, the better your chances of “rushing” a room. Also, luckier dwellers find more/better items when out exploring.


Upgrade your rooms!

If you find yourself needing more resources, but don’t have any dwellers to set up a new production room, don’t forget to upgrade. Upgrading rooms not only increases the resource output of the room on each collection, but it increases the amount of storage you have for that resource.


Use those outfits.

Pay attention to the stats of each outfit and use them accordingly. Unless your dweller is already maxed out for their resource specific stat, they should be dressed in an outfit. Also, don’t forget to dress your wasteland explorer in an outfit, it’ll help keep them safe when they come across dangerous predators during their expeditions.


Pay attention to objectives.

Doing objectives will be important once you start really needing bottlecaps to upgrade and buy new rooms. You can also get lunch boxes from them, and that is the real benefit. Lunch boxes contain cards that can give you bottlecaps, resources, outfits, weapons, and if you’re lucky you could even get a dweller with really high stats.

Most of all, have fun with it. This is only one way to play the game. You have three vaults, use them! Try different strategies, get creative.


Do you have tips for playing? Let us know in the comments!

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