2016 Philadelphia Auto Show

It's that time again, folks! For what, you ask? The Philadelphia Auto Show, of course!

Philly Auto Show

The new year has dawned, and with it we prepare for an all-new year of shows and conventions. First up, we have the 2016 Philadelphia Auto Show, located at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in the Market East part of Philadelphia.

While the New York International Auto Show boasts a bigger facility and a lot more vehicles on exhibit, I appreciate the smaller Philly show. There's still a respectable number of cars on display (upcoming models, as well as concept cars). But where the atmosphere of the New York show borders on hectic and frazzling, the Philly show maintains an atmosphere of excitement, controlled exuberance even. And the impossible to ignore scent of human body odor that kisses the air at the New York show is thankfully absent at the Philadelphia show. In fact, I would say that the Philadelphia Auto Show is definitely my favorite of the two.

There was lots to see, including a gorgeous Kia A1A Concept with a dazzling electric blue and chrome exterior and cream interior. Whilst perusing the internets to see what others had to say about it, I saw the word “cheesy” and “toy-like” thrown around willy-nilly, but I liked the eye-popping appeal Kia went for with this concept. (Plus, the doors are really cool.) My inner child was very impressed. Toy-like, indeed. Hmph!

Speaking of children… There were quite a many rugrats running around this year. We even got a few kids in our shots of the exhibits (posed as well as candid shots)! I didn’t really notice the presence of children at the last Philadelphia Auto Show we attended, so I’m not sure but perhaps there’s been a slight increase in the number of kids attending the show.

Another notable thing from this year’s Philadelphia Auto Show was the presence of Scion. An interesting sight, for sure, since only a day or so before we attended Toyota announced that it was discontinuing Scion and rebranding all Scions as Toyotas, starting later this year. The presence of Scion could have been simply because it was planned that way months in advance. But it was still weird to see among concept cars and upcoming 2017 models yet to be released.

All in all, the show was great. There were a lot of people walking around, company representatives engaging the crowd, and shiny cars to ogle.

Take a look at the cars we checked out below!

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