Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, Year 2

Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, Year 2


We moseyed on down to Atlantic City last weekend for the second annual Atlantic City Boardwalk Convention. We were met with a pretty decent turnout, although we heard that the first year had been even more impressive.

We got pictures of some great cosplayers. (My favorite is the young woman who was dressed as The Evil Queen from ABC's Once Upon A Time.)

We also talked to some awesome black artists doing pretty cool things, which was a pleasant surprise. First, we spoke with the people from Redonkulous Entertainment. They're a comic company based right in Atlantic City! And they have this really awesome comic coming out later this year called BloodMoon.

After talking with the Redonkulous crew a bit, we began to wander the floor once again. It wasn't a huge step to begin with, so we were kind of retracing our steps a little bit and trying to find some places we hadn't been yet.

That's when we found our second pleasant surprise: 2 Artists! (I admit, there's not much to the name, but one has to admire the simplicity in advert.) This creative husband-and-wife duo is comprised of Danielle Sanders (Facebook & deviantART) and Terrell Jefferson (deviantART). These two are super talented. I looked over their portfolio and I'll definitely be commissioning some stuff in the future for my graphic novel project. Plus, they're based near our neck of the woods: Pennsauken, NJ!

Overall, it was a great event. It was a little on the small side, but there were upsides to never having to stop in the middle of the show floor and wait for people to take the lead out and move. I'm thinking next year will be even better, because we want to go to as many local comic conventions as we can.

Next stop: Awesome Con!

Check out some other photos from the event below.

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