San Diego Comic Con 2018 - Warner Bros. @ Hall H

San Diego Comic Con 2018 - Warner Bros. @ Hall H

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Hall H is the iconic panel location that all the big names gravitate toward when San Diego Comic Con rolls around every summer. People post up for it early in the morning to get the best seats and don’t leave until the last panel has cleared. And they can totally do that because the Hall doesn’t clear between panels. Once you’re in, you’re in. It holds thousands of people at a time.

As press, it’s a bit different. They let us in to a side entrance. There’s much less of a to-do. All they do is check our bags (if any) and our badges. Then it’s “to the cage,” as one very pleasantly enthusiastic security guard put it. A cage, indeed. It’s a small space just to the right of the stage that members of the press go to see the action and get photos and whatnot. It’s not at the best angle for seeing the big screen and the actors as it is directly in line with the stage, however, it is pretty clutch as it sits directly next to where the talent comes from backstage.

This year, we attended the Warner Bros. Theatrical panel, which featured a bunch of Warner Bros. movie exclusives. It was actually pretty exciting. So let’s go through a quick rundown of what Warner Bros. had to offer Comic Con this year.

Aisha Tyler hosted the panel. Her excitement was palpable. Always a joy, that one.

First up was Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. They showed a trailer that makes us even more excited for the movie than we were before. It looks amazing! (And we’re not just referring to hot, young Dumbledore played by Jude Law). The cast was fantastic. Eddie Redmayne came out first, followed by his cast mates. Particularly delightful was Ezra Miller’s cosplay as Toadette. The thigh-high stockings really made the outfit.

After Fantastic Beasts, Wonder Woman 1984, the second Wonder Woman film. For this portion of the panel, Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot, and Chris Pine came out to talk for a bit. It is still unknown how exactly Chris Pine is supposed to be in this movie, what with the untimely demise of his character Steve in the first movie. But we did get some unfinished footage from the film. It was only a very rough fight scene as the movie has only been shooting for two weeks. One thing to note was the fact that Patty Jenkins said this next Wonder Woman is its own film and not necessarily a traditional sequel to the first. Very cool!

Next was Lego Movie 2, starring Chris Pratt. We got to see a new trailer. Aisha Tyler also got her own animated Lego character.

Possibly the best part of this panel was Shazam, starring Zachary Levi. He came out from backstage hype and the energy stayed the whole way through. He really was having a great time. They debuted the trailer for Shazam, which was great! And during the Q&A portion of the panel, it was brought up multiple times Zachary’s childlike demeanor. Hilarious, and exactly what the role calls for.

Warner Bros. ended the panel with Aquaman, of course. They showed off a new trailer, which actually didn’t look so bad. Most of the movie takes place underwater or in wet environments, because…well, Aquaman. Duh. There were actually two trailers they showed, with one showing a sneak peek of an action scene. All signs point to a movie that won’t entirely blow. Less of a bro-fest that Justice League Aquaman seemed to be, at least. They also put him in the classic green and gold outfit, which the crowd went bananas over. James Wan has given us a little bit of hope in his ability to do right by DC fans.

And that was the end of the Warner Bros. panel. No mention of either of the Joker films or The Flash movie (which is still in pre-production, so that makes sense). Perhaps next year? We have A LOT of questions about those Joker movies. So many questions.

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