Gaming and Then Some Magazine


The Gaming and Then Some Network seeks to expand its offerings, not only with a wide variety of podcast shows, but also with other types of media. One way GaTSPod would like to expand is with the publication of our very own seasonal magazine! With articles on gaming, entertainment, comics, and much more will give our crew the chance to flex our writing muscles. We also hope to feature articles written by our very own listeners! Read more about that below.


Submission Guidelines

Winter 2017 Edition

This is the first ever issue of the Gaming and Then Some Magazine. As such, we want to make it a great one. That being said, we're opening up the submission process for anyone interested in contributing. There are only a few things to keep in mind before you submit your article for review:

  1. Topics should reflect the general culture of GaTSPod. If you listen to the podcast, you have a good idea of what the GaTSPod culture is. We'd like articles/short essays on gaming, comics, television, movies, technology, or anything else that relates to those areas. Please be advised that anything too far away from those topics will probably not be considered.
  2. Articles should not have been previously published. We are looking for fresh content for readers.
  3. Please keep the word count to 1,000 or less. Because we want the publication to feature a fair amount of articles, we're capping the word count of all submitted articles at 1,000 words (at least for now). We want the articles to be digested within a manageable amount of time.
  4. Do not submit the same article twice. If the article wasn't accepted the first time around, chances are that submitting it a second time will not produce a different result. You can, however, submit multiple different articles. Only one will be chosen to maintain variety among submissions.
  5. Submissions should not include curse words, sexually explicit language, hate speech, defamation of character, or plagiarism. These all seem to be pretty basic things to note, but we'd be remiss if we didn't at least mention them. They are all important and any articles found to be in violation of any of these will not be published.
  6. No need to include images to go with your article. We take care of images, if it is decided that images are needed. The only image you'll need is a (totally optional) picture of yourself.
  7. You must include a brief bio (50 words or less). A clear, close-up image of yourself is appreciated, but not mandatory. These will go either at the end of the article or below the byline before the article body.
  8. Do not submit your article via email. It will be deleted with our being read. We want to keep the submission process as streamlined as possible, and that means only one portal for submitted articles.


These guidelines are subject to change at any time, so please check back every time you submit a new article.