Desert Diaries Volume 3

I got the consent of those around me to mention the conversations that we have. It’s not pretty but, hey, welcome to the world of the deployed.

     Just about everyone who ain’t married is trying to sleep with somebody, and porn has probably become the best friend of most us. This is what life is now. It’s like a damn brothel except nobody is getting laid. In a strange way, it’s kinda funny.  

    Work has really been the same. We’ll talk about the most random things, and sometimes we’ll talk about one thing and it’ll veer off into something else completely random and strange. Most of the conversations just go back to the Attitude Era of the WWE (because that’s the only era that counts). It’s crazy how the swing shift (night shift) people bonded so well with each other. There was a dominoes league that came and went due to us having a short attention span. It was a good idea and the hype behind it was pretty dope but, randomly, we just stopped caring.

    The highlight of this month was Mayweather beating Maidana again (a moment in I-told-you-so history). Oh, and guess who came out here and did a concert for deployed troops...THE GREAT Elgin Lumpkin, better known as Ginuwine. Yes, he performed Pony. Yes, I got a picture with him. And yes, we are now besties (sorry Sterling, but I had no choice after you muscled me out of GATSPod).  

But really, my Vita is like my best friend. I should probably be studying more than playing games, though. But I really love my Lumines and nothing will change that. EVER. On top of that I’ve been playing the PSP version of Fight Night Round 3, and I just might go down as one of the greatest Light Heavy Weights to ever live. I mean, who do you know that beat Muhammad Ali at a young age? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. After being bored, especially on the detail assignments they’ve been having me do, I started playing Hitman Go again and I’m wondering why the hell I stopped.

I haven’t made mention of this because I don’t want whoever is reading this to worry, or to bring the mood down, but the news on Ferguson to what’s going on out here with ISIS really can put a person on edge. The news out here focuses on ISIS with a splash of Ebola mixed in. Twitter has been keeping me up to date with Ferguson. It’s bugs me out feeling that, no matter what, as a young black man my, nor my son’s, life have meaning in the eyes of a lot of people. It’s even more bothersome for me, a black man who serves and is fighting for a country that I love that will never love me back.

With the situations out here all you really do is hope that nothing crazy happens while you’re at work or just out and about. There are loud noises in the morning, near my building, that I think might be construction sounds, but maybe not. Or maybe I’m just paranoid.  Well, that’s all I got.  5 paychecks down, 7 more to go.