Desert Diaries Volume 4

HOLY SANDSTORM!!!!!! I experienced my first sandstorm, and yes, it sucked. However, it was funny to see people walking around looking hella lost, because they couldn’t really see anything, and mad sand hitting their faces. I was one of those people sure but when I got cover it was funny. Sandstorms are a reminder that Satan runs the weather in the desert.

    This month has been so strange and hilarious at the same time. The conversations are still weird, however they are funny as hell and/or ri-goddamn-diculous. I’ll give you one example. We were talking about the women in our shop (who’s the cutest one and what not). We rank them and explain our reasoning. I know it’s messed up but this is what we do. Then the conversation takes a turn. Some of you may know what I am getting at, but if not, let’s just say it got real prison-like real fast. Things got even more weird and funny because you see where you’re ranked in your shift, and sometimes you don’t know how to take it (no pun intended at all). This one chick and I get into a debate about the environment we grew up in and it ended with her saying, “You know what? I bet you’re afraid to go to prison.” Well, no shit! Why the fuck would I want to go to prison? Look, being in a holding cell was more than enough for me. I’m good on that.  

So I’ve been keeping up on some shows myself while Twitter has kept me up to date on others (thank you I appreciate it). I am so entertained. The Flash is so good. I don’t get why my co-worker hates it so much. I mean, I get it. I just really don’t care. We do both like us some Arrow, though. The thing that sucks about that, though, is everyone is still on the goddamn 2nd season so we really ain’t got much to talk about. Half the time I’m trying to answer questions without spoiling it for anyone. Sons of Anarchy is good, but I really feel like Jax is probably one of the most naïve and borderline inept leaders of an MC. More and more I just feel like nothing that has happened would’ve gone down if Clay was alive.

Some of you may be disappointed in me on this next point, but oh well. I just can’t really get into Gotham like that. Where I see how some people may like it with the acting and the dialogue. I see where comic nerds have an issue, because I juggle with the same problems. Mostly my issue comes from the show’s timeline. If you introduce one guy now, then by the time he becomes a villain and Bruce becomes Batman, what threat would they be? He would be old and non-threatening as hell but I do see the good and I’m not shitting on anyone who enjoys it.

Finally, after several delays I went downtown. I had a pretty good time. We hit up one of the malls and it was very much like the malls back home. The only thing is they have a lot of restaurants as well as a huge food court. The beach was nice. The only thing was like guys were super close with each other. Like, a group of dudes will be playing in the water with each other but their girls will be still in the sand, chilling. I had some shawarma and it was so damn good with the exception of the nasty ass pickle that snuck up in my bbq chicken shawarma. The best part of that trip happened during the shawarma. That was the shoplifting that happened in the toy store next to us. We were just chilling and this little kid just darts out the store toy in hand and books it across the street. Three other guys chase after him and after 15 mins we see a man come back with the toy and we have no clue what happened to that kid. I’ll just leave it at that.

    My last entry’s ending was pretty depressing, so I’m going to try to end this on a better note. I’m halfway done, and guess what that means? I am in the business of giving no fucks at this point. Not saying that I am lax on the doing-my-job part. It’s more of the other shit that I can care less about. Volunteering for pretty face time purposes, not happening. Look all this monotonous crap they got us doing. I’m so over it. I just want to finish my time with no problems and go home.

    On that note, six paychecks down and six more to go.