Desert Diaries Volume 5


Well, here we are again and, man, has it been a fun and slightly aggravating month. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, because I’m so close to leaving this bitch. It’s not that it’s hostile and life threatening here but it’s all just so routine out here. The closer we get to the end the less fucks I have to give, which I guess isn’t good but what do you want from me? We have all this ridiculous nonsense that supervision now wants us to do in regards to writing up bullets (sentence-long information of what we did and what it accomplished). We give them the information and then we’re asked to go into detail, like real thorough detail, about what we did. Honestly, all that extra information is highly unnecessary. And I’d know, as well as anyone ranked the same as me and has been to Leadership School.

Paul Wall and Trae Da Truth came out here to perform. It wasn’t like Elgin’s performance but it wasn’t bad. They clearly were fucked up off Lean. Both were looking winded and started forgetting lines from verses. Of course, we got a quick pic and they seemed like cool people regardless, so again, it was a good time. We went downtown again and this time we got to go to an antique shop. The shop had a lot of World War II memorabilia and Minstrel Show souvenirs which was kind of funny to me because all I could think about was the movie Bamboozled. The Nazi memorabilia was at an all-time high, including uniforms and these knives with German writing. They were actually cool, but it’s still Nazi shit, so yeah, not really rocking with that.  All and all, being downtown was a good time as usual.

Next month will be the last chapter folks! There’ll be nothing to tell beyond that. The end of December and January will be me out-processing and there’s nothing interesting about that.

Eight paychecks down, four to go.