Desert Diaries Volume 2

    Alright so we finished the first month and well…IT’S STILL HOT.  I haven’t really gotten to go on any trips off base, being that we’re still trying to get situated with our shifts and manning.  Also, there are certain rules and customs we’ve got to abide by so it’s a lot of planning. But, hopefully, by September 5th we should be able to see what there is to see. So with that being said, work is still work. Nothing really changes. After the First Sergeant found out about me only needing to do one more class for my Associates Degree, she told me get my shit together. I’ll be getting that done before October.  But it’s a math class, and if it isn’t basic math, I won’t be getting those credits anytime soon.  

    I didn’t get to go downtown yet. In fact, I got taken off of the list of people to go downtown during the first week of September, for I don’t know what reasons.  I’m not even mad about it. It’s whatever for me.  The only things on my mind is doing my job, getting my credits, being in better shape and getting back home. I can’t even focus on those things in peace! I’m 2 months in and I think I’ve gotten to the point that a friend of mine warned me about the 3-4 month mark: I hate my coworkers.  Not hate them hate them, but I really enjoy the times when I’m not around them. I try to avoid them as much as possible after work and especially on my days off.

    This month has really been just work and gym. I mean I went to another base that was bigger, better, and had more stuff but other than that there was nothing to get excited about.  I wish I could have an opportunity to take a lot more pictures of things outside of the base instead of me being at the gym but hopefully September will be a better month.

    Three paychecks down; nine to go…
    ‘Til next time.