Hideo Kojima Leaving Konami Might Be The Best Thing That Happened To The Company

I have to get something off my chest. I say this because at one time I was a fan of the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

I hate each and every one of you jackasses that think the character in this picture is acceptable game design in 2015. Women are now the biggest demographic in video games, but somehow they deserve to get slapped in the face with this character, who has no reason to look like this...other than so ashy-dicked dudes can jerk off into a sock in their mom's basement while thinking about her.

"But Sterling they gave a reason, so it's okay!"

Let's talk about the reason Quiet in Metal Gear Solid V is half naked even though she's a sniper in Afghanistan. The story says Quiet uses photosynthesis to survive, she doesn't eat or drink, her skin just soaks up UV rays to live. They even go more into detail proving that that's the reason she looks this way when they try to put clothes on her in the story and she starts to suffocate.

Here's the issue with this explanation inside the game itself first:

  1.  If that's the case, why is she wearing clothing at all?
  2.  If that's the case, why is there a secondary outfit I can unlock that gives her more clothing?
  3.  If she needs to show as much skin as possible to soak up the sun then why ain't she bald?! She should be full Amber Rose because that way she'd get more sun, instead she has a head full of hair for some reason.
  4. If the only reason she looks like this is because she NEEDS to or else she'll die, then why does she bend over in front of you if you stare at her long enough? That doesn't seem very tactical at all.
  5. If the only reason she looks like this is because she NEEDS to or else she'll die, then why does this scene happen?
  6. If the only reason she looks like this is because she NEEDS to or else she'll die, then why is the action figure of her come equipped with "soft boobs" so you can squeeze them?

Now let's discuss why this shit doesn't make any sense outside of this convoluted story line.

1. Hideo Kojima was originally quoted as saying he made this character "so cosplayers would want to be these characters and we can sell more figures." As if women can't cosplay in actual military fatigues without exploding into a million pieces.

2. After people said that's a stupid reason he made up the photosynthesis backstory which in some peoples' backwards ass logic justifies it. Except it doesn't. Let me explain why...IT'S A VIDEO GAME. NOBODY NEEDS TO BE CREATED IN THIS WORLD, THIS ISN'T REAL LIFE. HE COULD'VE JUST AS EASILY DRESSED HER LIKE EVERYONE ELSE AND THEN NOT NEEDED AN EXPLANATION.

3. Just because it makes sense in the story of Metal Gear Solid DOES NOT MEAN IT ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE. If a game came out tomorrow that made a character that could only survive off killing minorities all of you guys who can't be bothered would say "that's fucked up" even if the games creator explained "oh no, it makes sense in the story because parasites made the character this way." Maybe if it actually was disrespectful to you and not just women y'all would be offended.

     I don't know why I expected better from some of you but all you folks who say "I'm not gonna get mad over something so trivial but I understand how you can get mad" folks can go fuck yourselves with a cactus. Just because you don't take issue with it doesn't give you the right to act as if it isn't an issue for other people, or that those people are angry about something that's "not that serious." All you guys were on my timeline a couple weeks ago upset about that slavery game on steam but once the issue in video games went back to being about gender and not race, y'all disappeared at light speed.

The Metal Gear Solid series has always been a sophomoric franchise, even though it never needed to be so. One could argue that I shouldn't be shocked that this happened in Metal Gear Solid V. But I was, and I still am. This game was perfectly good to me (besides the whole controller glitch issue) until I met Quiet. Even the way you first meet Quiet is totally badass but then when you get up close and see this unconscious half-naked woman who you then grab at like you turned into Bill Cosby. At this point I don't know what's more disappointing, Hideo Kojima for putting this in his final Metal Gear Solid game, or his fans that throw capes for this nonsense. All I know is I can't wait to see what Konami does next with, hopefully, a more mature person steering the ship.