GaTSPod Episode 9 - The Nogcast


In this episode Sterling and Charles welcome on NicJu from the "What's The Tea?" podcast and Quita and Monique from "The Slacker Society" podcast to talk about, Nintendo's server outage, Google banishing, the NYPD's police car of the future, Battlefield 4 getting banned in China and more!

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Gaming And Then Some Episode 4 - The PS4 Is Here!


In this episode of Gaming and Then Some Sterling and Charles talk with guest Marshall T. about UFC167, unwanted nude photos, and most importantly THE PS4. We ask our guest about everything from his experience owning the console on day one, to the games and even how the PS4's DualShock 4 controller enhances some games.

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GaTSPod Episode 3 - Don't Be Turkey Bacon

- Don't Be Turkey Bacon In this episode Sterling, Arnissa, and special guest Monique talk about nerds without social skills, Microsofts future-proofing on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Watch Dogs getting pushed back and what happens to the Playstation 4 bundles, your iPhone becoming a Pokedex and if review scores matter or not. Oh yea theres something in there about Iron Man becoming a reality.

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GaTSPod Episode 2 - The Government Shutdown Took Our Games!

2 - The Government Shutdown Took Our Games! Sterling, Arnissa, and Everett got together this week to talk about New York Comic Con, Beyond Two Souls, A Wolf Among Us, Sims 4, Snow, AT&T Uverse app update, The Order: 1886, Madden 25 on Xbox One, Injustice on PS4, Need For Speed: Rivals Next Gen Details, Saints Row 4 DLC,Google showing you how to tip, Facebook unhiding your profile, GTAV shattering 8 records, Foxconn making interns work overtime to build PS4s, Valves new Steam controller, and apparently Mad Catz is making a console.

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