GaTSPOD Reviews - Nightwing: The Series

GaTSPOD Reviews - Nightwing: The Series

    I happened to come across this series on I was attracted to this project simply because someone had finally given Nightwing his due. It is done by Ismahawk, a film crew who has produced a handful of other video shorts. Most notably, Nightwing vs Red Hood, the one that set this one in motion.  Nightwing The Series tells the story of the former first Robin, Dick Grayson (played by Danny LaShep), after his falling out with Bruce Wayne. He has gone out on his own to protect the city Bludhaven under the new name Nightwing. As Bludhaven’s protector he’s faced with a new threat that he’s never faced before in the form of superhuman mercenary Deathstroke the Terminator (played by Lance Brazil).

Many upgrades have been made since Nightwing vs Red Hood. The biggest is the costume, which looks pretty damn good with such a small budget to work with. Even when you watch the “Behind The Scenes” videos for each episode, you can tell a lot of thought was put into this project. The one thing I liked was the use of classic Batman storylines and how the Ismahawk crew put their own spin on them so that it fit into the origin of Dick Grayson becoming Nightwing.

The action scenes weren’t bad but there is room for improvement, which I feel will come in the 2nd season. I did like when Deathstroke fought. He was pretty much like his namesake, The Terminator, an unstoppable force and completely ruthless.  Nightwing was really good with his batons and I liked when they had him show off some of his acrobatic skills.

Every actor portrayed their roles very well. Bruce was brooding and was always focused on the mission at hand. Deathstroke was a ruthless man, fixated on his targets. The stand out was co-writer and co-creator Danny LaShep as Dick Grayson. LaShep portrayed a serious yet charming personality that makes you like Nightwing. Though he does use fear against criminals, it’s not fueled by rage. It’s more of a tactic to get whatever information he needs to stop his enemies. He still makes snarky comments and can come off as arrogant, biting off more than he can chew, but unlike Batman he’s not stubborn. He will call for help, if needed.  

As much praise as I am giving it, there are some negatives. The series is pretty short with just 5 episodes. And episodes run for a little over 6 to 12 minutes. Some of the episodes could’ve been joined together to make one longer episode, as well as push the story forward more. Personally, I think they could’ve given us a little bit more as far as the number of episodes. Some of the fight scenes seemed a bit stiff and the first fight between Deathstroke and Nightwing seemed a bit slow, but they made up for it when they fight for a 2nd time.

Though it didn’t seem to be needed in regard to the story, I would’ve liked to see Batman in action. And would’ve been interesting to see their design of the Batsuit because I did like how they made both Robin and Nightwing’s suit. Plus the actor that plays Bruce Wayne was really good and I get the vibe that he may be a dope martial artist.  

So with all that said, I give this a 3 out of 5. It was not bad for a first season. Even though there were a few issues here and there, they weren’t major. With feedback from the fans, I feel like it’ll definitely improve in seasons to come.

Attention DC Comics and TNT: Hire Danny LaShep to play Nightwing for that Titans series that’s in the works. This is your guy.


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