GaTSPod Reviews: Titanfall

After about a year of waiting, Respawn Entertainment blessed us all with the release of Titanfall for the Xbox One and PC, with the Xbox 360 version dated for 3/25/14. Microsoft might have found its next pot of gold. A first-person shooter that isn’t from the cookie cutter format we’re used to by corridors to aimlessly wander down while murdering everything in your path, no single-player campaign. Just humans commanding robots to kick ass, and look amazing while doing so. 

Now while it is true that there’s no single player campaign that doesn’t mean there is no story at all. Titanfall has a multiplayer campaign that lasts about 4 hours encompassing 20 missions telling two sides of the same story. The campaign games feel just like the regular “classic” game types except they usually have some short audio prepping you for the mission in the pre-game lobby, easily breaking up the monotony while you’re waiting for people to choose loadouts and such for the 60 seconds before the next mission starts. A couple missions have a cinematic in the beginning, anywhere from your flight captain debriefing you, to a dragon snatching up one your brothers in arms, or even a titan blowing a hole in a wall so you can get inside the city to duke it out with the other team. It definitely makes you feel like this is more important than just a classic match when it happens. The only thing that annoyed me about the campaign is that sometimes the script or possibly voice-acting seemed so...I don’t even have words...just bad.

As for where you’ll likely spend most of your time, the “Classic” multiplayer, there is always something to keep your interest. With varying game types like “Attrition” (where you just have to be the first to score a certain amount of points by killing pilots, their titans, and the AI like the militia and spectre robots), “Last Titan Standing” which pretty much explains itself, and Capture The Flag. You’ll always feel like there’s something else to do. As for the weaponry, it seems very well-balanced. I never felt like I was overpowered. Between your primary, secondary, anti-titan weapons, and the ordnance like grenades, c4 or mines. I never felt like I couldn’t shake things up at any moment. Instead of perks or equipment buffers like other games have, Titanfall uses “burn cards” which you acquire by completing challenges and decimating your foes. They’ll do things like make your weapon more powerful, make you run faster or see through walls. Each card only lasts one turn so you won’t feel like they’re getting abused. The only thing that would make the burn cards better is if you could trade them with other players.

Burn Cards


The game almost feels like there is two chances to win or lose in some gametypes because even if you lose, you have the chance to salvage some dignity by getting to the evac point and making out the battle alive. Obviously, if you’re on the winning team you now have to get to the evac point and kill every enemy pilot or just blow up their ship before it has a chance to warp out. My only complaint with the “Classic” multiplayer is that there doesn’t seem to be enough maps with monsters on them to add more chaos to the situation. I hope this will be resolved with some of the DLC coming in the season pass.


Overall, Titanfall is an amazing start to what can be a beautiful series. You feel like you’re contributing and kicking ass whether you’re on foot or in a titan. While I do feel they can go further by adding destructible environments and terrain in the sequel, that would just make the game better to me. I’ve had people that I play with complain that they wish that the pilots were customizable in the sense that you could change not just what weapons they held but how they looked. I personally don’t care since its a first-person shooter and I can’t see what I look like but I do get how people could have that gripe. I haven’t felt this engulfed in a multiplayer since Halo 3, this game easily earned its $60 price tag for me.