GaTSPod Reviews: Quick and Dirty Review: Nokia Lumia Icon

GaTSPod Reviews: Quick and Dirty Review: Nokia Lumia Icon

I recently acquired the new Nokia Lumia Icon because I’ve been saying for quite some time that I wanted to try a Windows mobile phone. As fate would have it, the opportunity presented itself when my Samsung Galaxy S3 broke unexpectedly.

So…where to start? Personally, I love this phone. Its functionality is perfect. The cameras — both the back and front-facing camera — take very clear pictures. It runs on Windows Phone 8, which is surprisingly great. Apps are placed conveniently and the swipe feature makes a great pairing with the glorious 5” 1080p touchscreen.  

The rear-facing camera was really the highlight of the phone to me with its 20 MP image-taking and full 1080p HD recording capability. I had fun snapping random pictures of my son playing, and even the recordings of him running around were flawless. One awesome thing about the camera is that even with only ambient lighting you can still get a crisp picture. The video recording is nice with no delay between hitting record and the process actually starting. Video is wonderfully sharp and there is no noise or graininess to them at all unless you decide to change the picture in the Nokia Cinemagraph app. This app allows you to create and add various visual effects to a picture and/or video.

The setup for the phone takes some getting use to but it’s not difficult to pick up. Of course, since this phone runs on Windows Phone the internet browser is Internet Explorer, which was a huge step backward for me having just come from Google Chrome. The battery life isn’t the worst, though, as Nokia packs a 2420mAh non-removable battery touting close to 18 hours battery life in optimal conditions. It was closer to 10 hours with my usage habits. I find myself doing pretty well when the phone gets down to 20% power. If I’m not on the internet or any other apps, I can keep going for about 2 hours before needing to charge.

However, with the good comes the bad…

I really hate how sometimes the screen doesn’t respond well to light touches. It seems as though a little more pressure is needed to get a response. Internet Explorer isn’t really the best browser being that some websites won’t display pictures without a tap on the empty space where the picture should be. Lastly, something that’s not really that big a deal but does still bother me: the limitation on apps. Android and iOS are way ahead when it comes to getting the latest apps while Windows is struggling to keep up. Granted, I’m not a big app user but it’s kind of annoying to still be using Instagram beta (which you can’t DM or record videos with), and the 3rd party Twitter apps still won’t let you retweet without quoting.

All-in-all, I enjoy my phone and I am still learning it. I can say that after going from an Android to a Windows phone, I do miss some of the things I could do on my Galaxy, app wise. I’m sure as the app ecosystem grows that will change. The Nokia Lumia Icon phone is good, but like all Windows mobile devices, it’s behind when it comes to getting new apps. As true as that is, it doesn’t take away from the fact that you are still getting a quality product. I certainly suggest this phone to anyone who isn’t really pressed for the latest apps and is familiar and comfortable with the Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system.


Full spec list


Height: 5. 39 inches

Width: 2.79 inches

Thickness: 0.39 inches



32 GB internal memory/2GB RAM

2.2 GHz quad core processor

Snapdragon 800 processor



Screen 5 inches

Aspect Ratio 16:9

Full HD 1920x1080 OLED

Pixel density: 441 ppi

Super Sensitive Touch technology

Ambient light sensors, Accelerometer, Proximity sensors, Gyroscope, Magnetometer



Microsoft Office

Internet Explorer

Nokia CARE

Nokia MixRadio

Creative Studios


HERE Drive Plus


Nokia Pro Cam



Non-Removable Standard Battery (2420mAh)

Usage Time: up to 17.64 Hours

Standby Time: up to 18 days



20-MP PureView Rear-Facing Camera & Camcorder with ZEISS Optics

Optical Image stabilization

Back Side Illumination

Dual LED Flash

1.2 Megapixel Front-Facing Camera and Camcorder

Full 1080p HD video recorder

Video records at 30 frames per second




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