GaTSPod Review: Hitman Go


Everybody knows the enigmatic assassin, and main character, Agent 47 of the Hitman franchise created by Io-Interactive. Now he’s back….again, but this time on your mobile device and it’s not the same stealth-based action that you are used to. I remember hearing about this game while recording the show and, to be honest, I thought that this would be the same as Max Payne mobile. They’d pretty much take an old release and scale it down for the mobile device. It was when I looked up the trailer on YouTube that I realized how wrong I was. This is nothing like what I thought it would be. I didn’t think they’d go this route with the game, but it works!


The game is set up pretty much like a turned-based board game, with a set amount of levels to complete in order to finish. Once you move, the security guards move after you, and you must either make it to the end of the board or assassinate your target while accomplishing three other objectives. Objectives vary. From completing the level in a set number of moves, getting no kills, and acquiring a briefcase. These may sound easy, but I assure you, they're not. When it comes to the security, you have got to be mindful of the moves you make because one wrong one will put you in a no-way-out situation. Each guard is different. There are ones that move in a specific direction, ones that turn back and forth, and ones that don’t move but are facing one direction so as soon as you’re close and in their line of sight they will kill you.


Like I said on the show, I thought this game would play like Metal Gear Acid, which was also a turned-based game that went off a card system that allowed you to move and engage in combat depending on the card you used. This game is nothing like that and the game’s first stage shows you the ropes on how to play. After that, it was pretty much getting from point A to point B without getting caught. However, as the levels progressed so did the routes the guard tookSome guards were placed in spots that really made you spend more time planning your next move (thankfully, there’s no time limit). Along with encountering the different guards, came ways to distract them, which mostly was getting a rock and figuring out which area I wanted to throw it in order to change the route that guard took to avoid getting caught. This took a lot of trial and error.  


As I progressed, I got new objectives throughout the stage. Some of the objectives could be completed in one shot, but for the most part I was playing over the same stage because I really wanted to ace the stage and not just get through it. Accomplishing extra objectives gave me points to open up a new board before completing the current board I was on but it didn’t matter because I’d get the needed amount of points by the end of the last stage to progress anyway. In a later mission I actually got to snipe out and detonate charges that would take out my targets which I thought was pretty cool.

As fun and refreshing as this game was, it did tend to feel repetitive and got boring so I would have to take breaks in between playing, but I would still come back to the game and find myself playing for a good two hours. The game also doesn’t have a plot so don’t expect any character development and/or conflict. This game is just a pick-up-and-play type game. I don’t play that many mobile games but I can honestly say this game is actually pretty fun and can be addicting.  



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