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     Personally, I feel that DC’s New 52 was a great way for DC to bring their dated characters into the next generation, both securing their already established characters like Batman, and Superman, while also setting up obscure characters like Constantine and Firestorm for the future. The wealth of DC’s vast history was now condensed into a 5 year gap, making all of our heroes new, and inexperienced while letting younger readers experience the beginnings of their favorite characters without having to search a library dating back 80 plus years. While this has caused many questions to arise as to how certain things could happen in those 5 years (i.e. How many Robins could Batman have in 5 years? Did the death of Superman really happen? Was there ever a Crisis?) and left many characters missing after the events of Flashpoint (i.e. Donna Troy, Wally West until recently) it gave readers a fresh perspective and a good starting point for all characters. DC used Flashpoint as the catalyst to change their whole universe while leaving the door open for the original DC to come back. But after all this time, and that world-changing storyline, I believe the New 52 is here to stay and that DC is better for it.

GaTSPod Reviews: The Superior Spider-Man

Dan Slott became public enemy number one the day news broke that he intended to kill Peter Parker. I, for one, was intrigued by the idea and wanted to see how it would be done, but I was wary about how he was going to pull it off. Over the last year, Otto Octavious’ mind had been inhabiting the body of Peter Parker. All hell broke lose, both online and in the pages of the Spider-Man comic book that for a time was appropriately titled ‘The Superior Spider-Man’.