GaTSPOD Reviews - OUTATIME: Saving the DeLorean Time Machine

GaTSPOD Reviews - OUTATIME: Saving the DeLorean Time Machine

The Back to the Future film trilogy is one of the biggest movie franchises ever. So, when the opportunity to review "OUTATIME: Saving the DeLorean Time Machine" came across my desk (okay, it was emailed to me), I knew I had to watch it. I love documentaries, so reviewing one was a treat.

So, the gist of this documentary is pretty easy to figure out, but let me give you something we in the business like to call...a blurb:

The DeLorean Time Machine is the most iconic car in movie history.  But while the film's legacy has thrived over the years, the car itself wasn't so fortunate. Decades of harsh weather and souvenir hunters nearly sent the Time Machine to the scrapyard.  Fortunately Bob Gale, Universal Studios, and a team of dedicated fans decided to take action...

“OUTATIME: Saving the DeLorean Time Machine” is the unbelievable true story of the world's most famous film car.  Meet the filmmakers, celebrities, studio executives, and movie fans who worked together to bring the original Time Machine back to life!

Normally, I prefer sports and nature documentaries (I’m a real sucker for a good underdog story), but this one was actually pretty good. I will preface this review with the note that if you don’t enjoy watching vehicle restoration or have a great love for Back to the Future, then it’s possible that you may be a little bored by this film. There’s no real excitement other than the restoration team trying to get back original pieces for the car.


They do go into how this iconic piece of movie history fell into such disarray. I mean, we’re talking actual families of little critters living inside of the car, exposure to the elements for longer than I care to think of, and not to mention the little (and not so little) pieces here and there that DeLorean fans took off the car in it’s heyday when the car sat on the Universal lot. I mean, the studio left the keys in it, even though the lot was always filled with people, working and visiting alike. The keys?!

I was semi-fascinated by the amount of unpaid dedication that went into making this car great again. Guys worked hours and hours, sometimes coming after doing entire shifts at their paying jobs, toward one goal: making the original DeLorean like new again. There was a scene in which a man was looking through what was basically a metal piece wasteland. But because it was the same place that the original design team got a particular piece, it was where they had to look for its replacement. Amazing.


The restoration team does end up putting the DeLorean back together with a lot of the original pieces that had been filched by fans and even some cool upgrades. It would be a good watch for anyone who has a personal connection with the subject matter. Otherwise, you may be wasting your time. Which group am I in? I’d say I rode the line on this one. I was interested, but not enough to keep me from playing computer games while the film was playing.

 Would I watch this again? Probably not. One foray into the restoration of an iconic time-traveling vehicle is quite enough, thanks.

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